With a reputation for calmness, mindfulness is not often thought of as a social justice tool. However, the very potency that makes it effective in calming us down is the same medicine needed to wake us up. As we delve more deeply into systemic racism both at an individual and collective level, this work requires us to recognize and resolve unconscious patterns that enable these inequities to exist in the first place.⁣

Brittani Hite is on the front lines of this work. As the founder and strategic director of Ethos Equity Consulting, Brittani is committed to advancing racial and social equity. With more than a decade of communication and engagement experience Brittani is known for her ability to identify and resolve obstacles to justice through human-centered strategies. She effectively establishes paths to progress for individuals, institutions and initiatives by shaking up the status quo with an intersectional DEI approach that catalyzes transformational change.⁣

"I think of mindfulness as an intentional commitment to personal and societal improvement, which is why it's a foundational aspect of my work dismantling racial and social injustice. Practicing mindfulness allows each of us to recognize and change our participation in inequitable systems by acknowledging the existence of historical frameworks, unlearning harmful social conditioning and actively seeking ways to catalyze collective liberation."⁣

As we think about how we raise wholehearted, inclusive kids, it starts with our own journeys of awareness. We are tremendously grateful for Brittani's work and how she's helped shape the way we move forward as a business. We highly recommend you follow her journey. Thank you, Brittani, for being a lighthouse for us all! https://ethosequityconsulting.com/ @EthosEquity

April 07, 2021 — Blake Beers

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