A few times in your life, you have the privilege of knowing someone who leaves such an indisputable mark on your heart, you're forever changed. Meet Caroline Kusin Pritchard and prepare to be forever changed. ⁣

Caroline (she/her) uses her own voice to amplify marginalized voices that have been excluded from bookshelves for far too long. Caroline writes stories for children and is the author of a number of forthcoming picture books. Her debut picture book, Gitty and Kvetch, will be released in August of this year through @simonkids and is available for pre-order now. She is a firm believer that picture books are a frontline defense against harmful systems and beliefs that impact kids from day one— white supremacy, heteronormativity, antisemitism and beyond. ⁣

We are eternally grateful for the endless ways Caroline is teaching us how to challenge our conditioned belief systems, ask hard questions, interrogate our biases, and reframe our parenting to include a wider, inclusive lens. We highly encourage you to follow her at @carolinepritchardwrites to learn more. Thank you, Caroline. You are a lighthouse for us all.⁣

April 07, 2021 — Blake Beers

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