Dr. Jaime Crowley

When we first started this business, it was imperative that we surround ourselves with a handful of diverse experts who've gone before us and created a foundation for us to build upon. Right out of the gate, Dr. Jaime Crowley was our first and most trusted expert and advisor. 

Dr. Crowley is a licensed psychologist who provides psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults struggling with a range of emotional and behavioral difficulties. And we are honored to consider her our "in-house psychologist." As a psychologist specializing in treating anxiety disorders, Dr. Crowley frequently teaches various mindfulness exercises to her patients as a way to calm their brains and bodies. During the pandemic, she's needed to practice exclusively via a telehealth platform. This unusual situation has prompted her to utilize mindfulness techniques even more in my virtual sessions, as it enables greater connection with patients through the screen.

Pioneering the way for how adults connect with anxious kids, Dr. Crowley co-authored a therapeutic children’s book, Moose the Worry Mutt Goes to Doggie Daycare, based on her anxious but affable chocolate Lab, Moose. The book is a playful and accessible way to teach children about worries and model healthy coping strategies for managing anxiety. A therapeutic companion worksheet aimed at helping kids learn how to “bark back” at their worries is available for free download on www.MooseTheWorryMutt.com.

We are grateful for the many ways Dr. Crowley contributes her time and energy towards children's mental health. We are lucky to learn from her and benefit from her many talents. Follow Moose (@MooseTheWorryMutt) and buy a copy today for your kiddos!

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