We believe that meaningful lifestyle changes - for ourselves and for our families - are usually catalyzed by observing inspiring actions from others. Knowing that, we are excited to create the "The Wellspring" as a space to come together at a hearth of sorts where parents, caretakers, teachers, and therapists can gather and exchange inspired stories of mindful pioneers looking to reshape the landscape for a new generation. 

Incorporating mindfulness into a child's life can be as vast and far-reaching as you'd like. We will be sharing the mic and highlighting individuals - from doctors to doulas, from engineers to intuitives - who inspire us to widen our apertures and creatively explore different avenues towards mindful living. With each story, we hope to contribute a piece of patchwork that is sewn into a greater, collective story of individuals looking to reimagine a more conscious world for our kids.

And, don't be a stranger! We'd love to hear from you; please share your stories with us. Email us directly at info@littlerenegades.com and we will look forward to learning more about you. Stay tuned for more!
January 04, 2021 — Blake Beers


Cheryl Doran-Girard said:

I’m hopeful some of this information will be helpful to grandparents.

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