Mindfulness - the act of being actively aware of whatever it is you're doing - can powerfully integrate into every area of our life, not least of which is the fuel that powers our body. Tara Sowlaty Lehrer has built her career around this core truth. As a trained natural foods chef, holistic nutritionist, and yoga instructor, Tara built "How You Glow" to share the bits of wisdom she's garnered through her own journey to find a vibrant and conscious way of feeding our bodies. 

A known voice among women searching for a more balanced and vibrant lifestyle, Tara encourages women to identify their core intention and let that force drive their next steps. She leads wellness workshops that help integrate these principles into practical applications. Tara lives in Los Angeles with her husband, film-maker Brian Lehrer, her pup Soba, and a baby girl on the way. 

To learn more about how to bring a more mindful approach to your family's eating routines, jump in and follow her work at @taralehrer as well as her blog @howyouglow (www.howyouglow.com). Thank you, Tara, for showing us what a mindful approach to eating and wellness can look like. 
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