Mindfulness is a state of being fully conscious and totally aware of the present moment. This sage wisdom has braided its way through almost every human civilization, now highly recognized for its powerful effects by both the psychological and academic communities. When we're able to focus our attention on one thing, we get in touch with our feelings, our thoughts, and our bodies. 

So how do we make this wisdom more accessible to kids? When we thought through different approaches, we explored the various ways mindfulness can be achieved for adults. From there, we built a set of exercises that focus on a few key areas:

Mindful Breathing: Anchoring the children's attention in their breath, teaching them to slowly inhale through their nose and out through their mouth to bring calmness and awareness to their surroundings.

Mindful Movement: Using creative stretches and movement to encourage realtime awareness of the kids' bodies as they're creatively in motion.
Mindful Mantras: Sitting still with the kids and having them repeat certain words or phrases that ignite a positive, confident, and peaceful reaction. 

Mindful Awareness: Encouraging the kids to get still with their bodies and become deeply aware of the world around around them by using their senses to tap into sight, sound, taste, and smell. 

Mindful Meditation: Building a practice where kids learn to be deeply still with their bodies and their minds. This stillness and quiet allows for them to create space between themselves and their thoughts and emotions.