Little Otter Guided Meditations

For any teacher, counselor, therapist, or coach looking to incorporate mindfulness practices in their work with young children, we've got you covered! This collection of twelve digital exercises is a subset of our larger printed Bedtime Meditations collection and serves as a great tool for virtual or in-person classes with kids.

Our brains do not distinguish between an imagined event and a real one. We can help little ones visualize beautiful and calming imagery that ignites stillness, peace, and joy. Guided meditations serve as powerful tools to shift your little one’s attention away from worry and anchor them in a more positive place.

For the classroom, try them as a way to kick off your class or wind things down. Use them however they're most helpful to you. We look forward to hearing how it goes!

To Download: Once you "purchase" the free file, you will be sent an Order Confirmation email. In there, you'll see a blue button that says, "View Your Order." Once you click, you'll be taken to a page with another button to "Download Now." Enjoy!