Frequently Asked Questions

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For Parents: These cards are intentionally very simple and shouldn’t take much time. Use them at the breakfast table to help your little one get centered for the day. Take them with you to the park and practice the more active exercises. Try them during quiet times to help calm them down. Make them your own. 

For Teachers: Many teachers enjoy using the cards as a way to kick-off their morning routines with kids. Whether it be circle time or your daily check-ins, these cards serve as nice prompts to jump start the day. Alternatively, we’ve also heard of teachers using them to conclude the class and help students wind down and reflect. Whatever works best for you!

Age RangeWhile we designed the cards for little ones in mind (ages 3-7), we’ve received great feedback from “older kids” (and parents!) who’ve found them very helpful. The practices of mindfulness are intentionally simple so they really do work for most age ranges. If you’re looking for a simple introduction, these will work well. 

School Discounts: If you are an educator or a teacher, please reach out to us directly about our educational rates for both small and large orders.  

International Shipping: Right now, we offer orders in the US. If you’re looking to purchase 20 decks or more, please reach out to us directly at

Wholesale Orders: We love working with local shops, schools, and studios to distribute our cards more broadly within your communities. If you’re interested in purchasing 20 units or more, please reach out to us directly at

Toxic Chemicals & Dyes: All of our products have undergone testing by the CDC and Child Safety Protection. Our cards are colored with ink and printed on a glossy oil varnish that both child-friendly and eco-friendly. Our mats are free sourced from sustainable materials and printed by laser. 

Our Sustainability Promise: We believe in showing kids a pathway towards a more conscious world. This includes how we design, produce, and ship our products that are safe for our kids and our planet. Because of this, we've removed all plastic wrap from our products. Our mats and our card decks are now protected by recycled cardboard wrappers to ensure we're doing our part to eliminate unnecessary plastic waste. And a better world for all!

Store Hours: We are eager to serve you Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.  While we know orders come in at all hours, we are a small and mighty team! We appreciate your patience and support as we work to serve you as best as possible!

Order Changes: We ask that all changes to orders be made within an hour after check-out. Our shipping team works quickly to pick and label the order so that you can receive it as soon as possible. If you have minor edits to addresses or product quantities, we'll happily adjust them within that hour window.