Mindfulness Toolkit

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As we prepare to send kids back to school this Fall, give them the gift of mindfulness to help them navigate their re-entry. Included in the toolkit are the following:
  1. Mindful Kids Activity Cards: 40 foundational exercises to teach children the basics of mindfulness at home and in the classroom;
  2. Mindful Kids - Outdoor Journal: "Little Scavengers" offers 128 unique opportunities for kids to connect with the outdoors and process the world around them;
  3. Mindful Kids - Creativity Journal: "Little Creators" allows little ones to deepen their focus, stillness, and creativity with 128 unique prompts to catalyze greater presence and awareness;
  4. Mindful Kids - Gratitude Journal: "Little Observers" 
  5. Mindful Kids Bedtime Cards: 40 evening visualizations and peaceful prompts to help wrap up a class or end the day with ease and calm;
  6. Colored Pencils: All-natural set of 12 pencils to provide both processing and color to the kids' journaling experience.

WHOLESALE FOR TEACHERS: If you're a teacher looking to implement some of these tools in the classroom this year, send us a note at hello@littlerenegades.com and we can chat through our teacher discounts. 

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