Mindful Kids Bedtime Collection


Mindful Kids Bedtime Collection
Nighttime can be a tricky time for a lot of kids. So, we created our bedtime collection to make it a little more peaceful. Our hope is that these tools will help transport your little one into a restful place where they can expand their focus on calming, imaginative places that reduce worry and busy minds while also introducing a regular gratitude practice before bed. 
To celebrate joining the Little Otter Family we are proud to offer one month free of The Kelp Line, a great resource to get support for navigating big feelings. The Kelp Line allows you to message mental health experts to receive guidance and support for your family's mental and emotional health. Learn more here

Included in The Mindful Kids Bedtime Collection:
  1. Mindful Kids Bedtime Cards
  2. Mindful Kids "Little Observers":  Gratitude Journal
  3. Colored Pencil Set
  4. (1) Free Month of The Kelp Line


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