Mindful Kids Outdoor Collection


The Mindful Kids Outdoor Collection
The Earth is our greatest classroom. And giving kids permission to ground themselves in the great outdoors unlocks a lifelong relationship with nature. We hope by bringing more awareness to their surroundings, your Little Scavengers can more deeply understand the world within them and the world around them. 
To celebrate joining the Little Otter Family we are proud to offer one month free of The Kelp Line, a great resource to get support for navigating big feelings. The Kelp Line allows you to message mental health experts to receive guidance and support for your family's mental and emotional health. Learn more  here.
Included in the Outdoor Collection are the following
  1. Mindful Kids Daytime Cards
  2. Mindful Kids "Little Scavengers": Outdoor Journal
  3. Colored Pencil Set
  4. (1) Month Free of The Kelp Line


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