Mindful Kids Journal Collection (Art, Creativity, & Gratitude)

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Building a journaling practice at an early age can offer a profoundly therapeutic canvas for children. By pairing stillness and space with routine and regularity, journaling enables a processing space for kids to bring awareness, creativity, and empathy to their inner and outer worlds. Our collection of journals is intended to do just that. 

Each journal includes 128 unique pages printed on recycled paper. 

“Little Scavengers” - Outdoor Journal
The Earth is our greatest classroom. And giving kids permission to ground themselves in the great outdoors unlocks a lifelong relationship with nature. We hope by bringing more awareness to their surroundings, your Little Scavengers can more deeply understand the world within them and the world around them.  Enjoy 128 pages of prompts to guide children into a deepened space of awareness, observation, and imagination. 

“Little Creators” - Creative Art Journal
Creativity is born from a place of presence. Teaching kids how to build a practice of stillness and creative focus will ignite their wild, imaginative minds. By giving time to creativity, we give our inner worlds permission to come forward. Enjoy 128 pages of prompts with your little ones as an invitation to enter a deep, creative space together.

“Little Observers” - Gratitude Journal
Gratitude is a practice. And mindfully paying attention to the experiences and people in our lives that deepen our sense of belonging can help nurture emotionally resilient children. Enjoy the nightly ritual of building a gratitude practice with your little ones. Try them out, improvise, make them your own. Enjoy 128 pages of gratitude together.

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