Mindful Kids Journal: Gratitude

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Mindful Kids “Little Observers” - Gratitude Journal 
Gratitude is a practice. And mindfully paying attention to the experiences and people in our lives that deepen our sense of belonging can help nurture emotionally resilient children. Enjoy the nightly ritual of building a gratitude practice with your little ones. Try them out, improvise, make them your own. Enjoy 128 pages of gratitude together. All pages are printed responsibly on recycled pages.  To celebrate joining the Little Otter Family we are proud to offer one month free of The Kelp Line, a great resource to get support for navigating big feelings. The Kelp Line allows you to message mental health experts to receive guidance and support for your family's mental and emotional health. Learn more here

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1. Mindful Kids "Little Observers": Gratitude Journal
2. (1) Month Free of The Kelp Line

Colored Pencils 
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