Mindful Kids Journal: Gratitude



“Little Observers” - A Gratitude Journal for Kids ($22)
Gratitude is a practice. And mindfully paying attention to the experiences and people in our lives that deepen our sense of belonging can help nurture emotionally resilient children. Enjoy the nightly ritual of building a gratitude practice with your little ones. Try them out, improvise, make them your own. Enjoy 128 pages of gratitude together. All pages are printed responsibly on recycled pages. No plastic wrap was added and the items are shipped with minimal packaging. 

Colored Pencils ($8)
If you'd like the colored pencils included in your order, please select the "Gratitude Journal & Colored Pencils option above.

This set includes 12 naturally-sourced wooden colored pencils in addition to a wooden pencil sharpener. The case is made of thick, sustainable kraft paper free from any plastic or toxic materials. 


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