Mindful Kids Journal: Outdoor



Little Scavengers: An Outdoor Journal for Kids ($22)
The Earth is our greatest classroom. And giving kids permission to ground themselves in the great outdoors unlocks a lifelong relationship with nature. We hope by bringing more awareness to their surroundings, your Little Scavengers can more deeply understand the world within them and the world around them. Enjoy 128 pages of prompts to guide children into a deepened space of awareness, observation, and imagination. All pages are printed responsibly on recycled pages. No plastic wrap was added and the items are shipped with minimal packaging. 

Colored Pencils ($8)
If you'd like the colored pencils included in your order, please select the "Outdoor Journal & Colored Pencils option above.

This set includes 12 naturally-sourced wooden colored pencils in addition to a wooden pencil sharpener. The case is made of thick, sustainable kraft paper free from any plastic or toxic materials. 

For wholesale inquiries, please email us at info@littlerenegades.com.


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